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About Us is an important initiative aimed to benefit Hinduism (sanatandharm) believers in India (Bharat) and across the world. This initiative is intended to provide solutions for every problem faced by common people for which they do not have solutions anywhere.

It’s a well-known fact that sanatandharm is the oldest religion, the name ‘sanatan’ itself connotes “eternal” means which has no beginning or end (We have discussed about sanatan dharma (Hinduism) in detail here). Our ancient religious scriptures (Vedas) have so much of useful knowledge on ways of living that if we adopt just 1% of this knowledge in our daily life, 90% of our problems will be resolved. Western culture and their education system adopted by us is impacting our culture in many adverse ways. We understand that its necessary to educate our children with western system in this extremely competitive world but in that process, we should not forget the great heritage and benefits of this ancient knowledge which can transform our lives.Centuries of foreign rule & influence in our nationhas led to variety of social problems, diseases, mental disorders and perversions many of which were nonexistent 500 years ago.Ancient Indians followed vedic guidance, yoga, god worship was a part of their daily life, hence, they were far more prosperous, happier and healthier than current societies. Dhanyabhagyafamily intends to provide ancient science based solutions to all your problems with guaranteed results. 

We are happy to share that our vedic knowledge and ancient science is still kept alive by many highly knowledgeable saints, vedic scholars, yogis, teachers and astrologers in many institutions across the country located in many holyinstitutions…Dhaams, and temples. Many scholars educated in such institutions are engaged in disseminating their knowledge, performing religious rituals, propagating yoga for the benefit of mankind.

Dhanyabhagya is making an effort to organize these vedic scholars, knowledgeable saints, and astrologers so that their knowledge can be utilized to solve those problems for which modern science has no solution, for example: many health and mental disorders, family problems, loss in business, job related issues, delay in marriage, enmity etc., 

Ancient science can do wonders there is nothing that’s impossible with the use of this science i.e., there are unerring solutions to most problems for which modern science has no answer or solution. Our most important purpose, for the benefit of  people is to popularize ancient science hidden in our Vedas. We intend to help people by providing solutions to all kind of problems, through ancient science through yoga, astrology, specific religious rituals etc. 

In addition to this we are also providing employment to hundreds of vedic scholars mentioned above.They have rich knowledge of vedasand know how to perform variety of religious rituals very efficiently, but in current changed scenario and westernized way of living, they are struggling to survive and have no secured means to make a living. Dhanyabhagya is providing a platform, which is not only resolving all your problems through their knowledge of Vedas, but also these scholars and their families can have a secured source of income so that they a lead a respectable status in society. 

Religious scriptures of sanatandharm (Ramayan, Mahabharat, puran&upnishads) have many enumerations of miracles (e.g. Many weapons mentioned have the description that matches atomic bombs, Lifesaving of Lakhsman by Sanjeevnibooti, Shri Raam arrival to ayodhya by air onpushpakvimaan). These events were actually not miracles but was made possible through ancient science which was many fold advance than modern science.

Today we can talk face to face with someone sitting thousands of Kms away with our mobile phones through video call. Ancient yogis and saints could do this very easily though their yogic powers. Today’s technology which is routine for us was miracle 20-25 years ago. But the Ancient science that we are talking about was a miracle 25 years ago also and today also. Reason for this is the saints who are experts in this science are very rare and they have no interest in the worldly mundane affairs and they are difficult to find in the urban habitations.    

Based on the great achievements of modern science and technology If we argue that it is superior to ancient science, because it has made our everyday life so easy and comfortable then we are wrong and this belief is quite obvious because we are ignorant about the ancient science. Modern science is many times inferior to Ancient science, in fact, we can prove this, but not with modern science methods because ancient science approach is totally different. Modern science and technology achievements are miraculous too but by making our life easy and comfortable modern technology is making us physically weak, we are falling prey to unhealthy life styles leading into all the diseases and sufferings. Ancient Science is thousands of times advanced than modern science. Let us understand the same through examples

1. High Blood pressure (HBP)

Modern Medical Science Perspective in treating high BP: on diagnosis doctor, will prescribe you medicines for lowering your blood pressure, you will be taking prescribed medicine/s for some time and there will be in increase in doses for the medicines or more medicines will be prescribed. The point is the medicines will keep your blood pressure in control but the disease will never be cured. This is the most common approach in modern medical treatment for chronic diseases, it provides symptomatic relief but not cure for the disease. And commonly the medicines will be continued lifelong.

Ancient Science perspective: firstly, if you follow Vedic yam niyam in your daily life then you will not have any illness anyway. 

Ancient science methods for treating such disease focusses on finding and treating the cause of the illness/disease and not just treating the symptom (which is high blood pressure). Often no medicine is required, the lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation is advised to treat the cause of the disease. Most Doctors practicing allopathic medicine are well aware about the benefits of lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation etc, but they don’t have enough time for every patient else how will they give consultation to other patients and run their practice. Moreover, most doctors are themselves suffering from variety of diseases which means that they themselves are not living healthy lifestyle so without self-experience how can they guide their patients on ancient healthy ways of living especially the ancient science related yoga and meditation.

Important information: Based on above perspectives on Ancient vs modern science approaches towards disease treatment, please do not make conclusions that for all diseases only ancient science is useful. This example is of a chronic disease (High BP), Allopathic medicine system has excellent treatment and cures for many infective diseases, cancers, asthma etc. 

2. Business problems, losses, obstacles, business growth far below expectations/plan. Want to start a new business venture but don’t have basic requisite guidance or knowledge, hence it never starts.

These are quite common and frequent issues we face. Some people try to find out solutions by consulting Astrologers, Vaastu experts, gemstones, tantra, yantra or performing religious rituals/prayers. Many people approach learned and popular marketing and advertising agencies, CA’s etc., all this is perfectly fine and obvious, but very often the problem is not resolved and results does not match expectations. There are always many doubts on whether you will achieve success or not. 

We can provide you infallible and reliable solutions to such problems through ancient science (Astrology, Vaastu, gemstones, tantra, yantra or religious rituals/prayers). Marketing advertisement professionals are experts in their field and its good to consult them for such problems but they do not have any knowledge about ancient science methods. So if we combine the modern and ancient science (right time Muhurt, place etc,) knowledge in the right way then we can guarantee 100% success in solving the issue in the most efficient way.

Modern science is also useful, we can provide you Modern science solutions as well wherever necessary

Whatever we have discussed above does not mean modern science and technology is useless, and only ancient science has right solutions for all problems.The science has made tremendous progress and countless achievements in many fields that impact our life favorably. Hence, for many problems which are the result of modern urban and western lifestyle / culture (stress induced problems, business / job or profession related issues occupational hazards, business issues) we will be providing you modern science solutions as well.

For example, if there is someone suffering from a disease in your family or friends for which treatment is not appropriate and you are not sure what to do and which doctor to consult, we can help you getting the right doctor across the country. In family we have people who have excellent network across India in all states among medical circles doctors and institutions. We can guide you to consult the right doctor or hospital for your specific illness and this service is provided free of cost for members.

Dhanyabhagya family has capabilities to prove the effectiveness and usefulness of our vedic ancient science, and we will be soon sharing the same with you in the form of reviews from people who have been benefited with our services. 

We also intend to provide answers to all your unanswered questions / curiosities related to Hindu religion, yoga, spiritualism, problems, personalized solutions through Vedic astrology, yoga, etc.,

ॐ सर्वेभवन्तुसुखिनःसर्वेसन्तुनिरामयाः । सर्वेभद्राणिपश्यन्तुमाकश्चिद्दुःखभागभवेत् ।

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिःशान्तिः॥