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Dhanyabhagya .com is an initiative to help people and resolve their day to day problems through propagating the knowledge of the ancient sages and using the knowledge and wisdom of religious hindu (Sanatan Dharma) scriptures such as Vedas we also have Astrology solutions, Yoga and Ayurveda solutions. These solutions are provided by experts in their respective fields who are in panel.

Ancient science is vast no single individual has knowledge on all aspects, hence we have a panel of experts on different fields and subject areas within vedic astrology, yoga, spiritual practices and rituals. For providing the right solution to a person’s problem we require highly specialized and individualistic study of the person’s horoscope (if astrological solutions are needed). Depending on the nature of problem for which a person us seeking solution from, We may also require person’s daily lifestyle, eating habits, kind of job or occupation, existing health status, if the person has any chronic disease or on any medication etc. It is important to understand how ancient science works and how do we resolve all kind of problems. Taking example of vedic astrology solutions we should know that Vedic astrology is a highly accurate science. Our expert astrologers understand the planetary influence on human life and by studying an individual’s horoscope they can provide very useful guidance and solutions to many problems. The solutions can widely vary in their nature, for example; we may suggest the customer/ member for organizing a particular religious ritual, worship in some specific temple in the or specific methods of doing prayer at home of specific deity, specific yoga practices, reciting of vedicstotra, sukta, mantras or kavach etc.,

While our intentions are to satisfy our customers with our services and provide guaranteed solutions to our members and customers but ancient science solutions provided by us on the customer’s solicitation must not be substituted or replaced with the advice or guidance from a certified professional like doctor, lawyer, financial or business consultants. Dhanyabhagya .com will not be responsible for any claims or legal disputes related to unsatisfactory or negative results after following the astrological, yoga or religious prayer solutions provided by

Vedic astrology solutions provided by us based on your horoscope reading are not predictive they are corrective (trying for providing solution to your problem)  in nature. Vedic astrology is a science and its knowledge can guide us on the influence of celestial (planetary) influence on your life hence your horoscope and charts can guide us on why are you having a particular problem, and how can you resolve them. Astrology Should not be mistaken as the science that foretells your future but as a science that can improve your future. So what we mean is, with your horoscope we can tell you solutions so that you can favourably influence your future yourself by knowing how to counter the negative planetary forces and best utilize the positive planetary forces.   

Dhanyabhagya site has lot of facts and mythologies based on ancient texts, religious rituals, practices, yoga and also, many figures, data, opinions and statements, recommendations, advice, references. Though we take utmost care to ensure that the content on is authentic, accurate and represents the right and useful knowledge on sanadhandharm (Hinduism), yoga, astrology etc. We will not and cannot be held responsible for any incidental or consequential damage, loss of money, profits, deterioration of health or any other kind of losses or damages due to either wrong interpretation of the content on our website or due to following our advice / solution.

We do not provide or claim to have solutions or promote treatment of any physical or mental diseases. However, by promoting the healthy ways of living through yoga and right practice of ancient science we are confident that we will make substantial favourable differences in the lives of many users of We also request users to not practice any physical exercises or yogic practices elaborated on our website and not to initiate any household ayurvedic remedies mentioned in our website, without consulting your physician or doctor this is especially necessary if you have any pre-existing medical disease or illness or if you are taking some long term (chronic medication).

Dhanyabhagya family is committed to provide useful information, quality services and solutions to all our customers/members, users and visitors to our site. We believe in providing highly personalised solutions to every customer and wish to maintain strong and lasting relationships built through delivery of services to the full satisfaction of our customers.